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equiano adapted by christopher rodriguez
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suzann mclean as equiano's sister equiano and suzannah his wife

Olaudah Equiano Tunde Euba Set Construction Simon Aeschbacher
Sister Suzann McLean ASM Dave Dawes
Suzannah Sasha Waddell Tour Manager Marian Haynes
William / Mr Clarkson Andy McEwan Publicist Joy Smith
Petronella / Katherine /
Lady Pembury
Nathalie Morse Photography
Costume Design
Mercedes Grower
Vicky West
Mr RoseLindon AlexanderLighting DesignEva Henschkowski
Mr Green / Ottobah Cugoano Fidel Nanton Set Design Daniel Bennett
John / Mr Hughes Darrell Brockis Movement Director Alexis Carne
Reverend Fraser / Mr Dawson Paul Roffman Music Director Neil McArthur
Director Rob Curry