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"...from this time forth my thoughts be bloody, or be nothing worth" "oh my offence is rank" "get thee to a nunnery"

The Royal House Set Construction Simon Aeschbacher
Hamlet - played by two actors Nick Bartlett Asistant Director Rosa Wyatt
Jon Samuel Publicity Damon O'Connell
Claudius Robert Vowles Composer Dan Black
Gertrude Sally Faulkner Lighting Design Neal Sloane
Old HamletJasper HoneCostume DesignLisa Curry
The House of Polonius Amanda Walker
Polonius Joe Figg Set Design Daniel Bennett
Laertes Simon Land Movement Director Alexis Carne
Ophelia Iseult Collins Dramaturge Stevie Simkin
Hamlet's Friends Director Rob Curry
Horatio Avin Shah
RosencrantzKarlos Coleman
Guildenstern Richard Tryon