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Scotsman, August 1993
Calton Centre/Theatre Zoo
TWO of Shakespeare’s history plays have been cut down to less than two hours, and that includes the opening scenes taken from Richard II. The result is an entirely coherent narrative, lucidly telling the story of Henry IV’s betrayal of those who helped him to the throne, and of his son’s development from delinquent to responsible ruler.

Particularly good is Darrell Brockis’s vivacious Hal. David Cappin gives Henry
a convincing ambivalence and Hugh Greenway’s Falstaff is confidently robust, and there is a simple but effective representation of the struggle between Hostpur and Hal.

The pace is fast and the characterisation strong. The director, Rob Curry, has incorporated some clever devices to maintain the flow of the action, such as merging Falstaff and Hal’s rehearsal for the latter’s interview with his father into the real thing. The end result is exciting and stimulating.
Colin Affleck