Southern Journey (Revisited)

Feature documentary. 75 mins

World Premiere : Sheffield Doc/Fest 2020.
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Exploring the sounds and history of the Southern States, SOUTHERN JOURNEY (REVISITED) is both a music documentary and a road movie. Set against the incendiary backdrop of the 2018 mid-term elections, and accompanied by a glorious soundtrack of blues and bluegrass, hollers and spirituals, the film retraces the route of an iconic song collecting trip from the late 1950s – Alan Lomax’s so-called “Southern Journey” – seeking out echoes of the past and clues to the future. The film’s haphazard and colourful cast of characters help provide a much-needed riposte to certain widely held and enduring beliefs about the South. Made at a time when the hard-won victories of the Civil Rights movement (which served as the backdrop to the original Southern Journey) are being challenged, the film travels beyond reductive stereotypes to explore instead the diversity and complexity of an area steeped in a fertile musical heritage.

Available for booking from March 2020.

Southern Journey (Revisited) was produced in partnership with the Association for Cultural Equity, LUSH and the Virginia Film Office.

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